Faraway Proximity featured

Faraway Proximity Released

Find the missing books! Faraway Proximity is now available for download on Steam and Itch. If you find any issues, let us know!

[New Cycle Started]

Faraway Proximity is a third-person puzzle game about recovering lost books. In this side of the universe, books go missing all the time and the owners are (usually) forbidden to retrieve them. You are a famous book-seeker that has been contacted to recover another set of misplaced books. While traveling through different versions of a reality built by your gracious hosts, learn about the places you visit, the abstract beings you encounter and what the books really mean.

Travel to the artificial realms where most of the books have been trapped. Solve various types of puzzles that will challenge your reasoning, memory and perception.

Unlock several abilities that will aid you in your mission. These abilities will allow to do simple things like interacting with certain abstract objects, or using copies of the books you have collected to solve more complex challenges.

Although you are advised not to do it, read carefully each book you collect. Every story will reveal even more puzzles to solve. If you do, perhaps you will learn something more about where you are.

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