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Pathway: mini-books update

We have updated Pathway to version 2.0! The most important changes in this major update are detailed below.

Pathway is now powered by a new game engine. Note that previous save files (version 1.00 and 1.01) will not work with the most recent update. However, legacy builds of the game will remain a part of the application download just in case you’d like to revisit your progress.

The layout of the pages has been modified to give more space to the in-game text. The fonts have also been tweaked to improve readability of descriptions, menus and buttons.

Some new effects have been implemented in several mini-books to create a more distinct look. For example, the mini-book that transports the player to a pine tree forest now has shadows of clouds moving through the screen.

Lastly, several mini-books were added to expand the story and give the player more information. These mini-books create a sort of “hub” where the player will learn the details of the mini-books quest (among other things).

If you have already completed the game, we invite you to visit Pathway one more time. Although the puzzles remain the same (with the exception of the one that changes every time a new game is started), there are many little details and new story elements that will make the game feel new.

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