80.08 Update v2.5

We have uploaded a major update for 80.08! We redesigned the game using a more recent game engine and have made many alterations to the application. The essence of 80.08 still remains: this is a game created to challenge your memory and concentration. However, 80.08 is now a more straight forward experience (elements of the previous version have been removed).

Here’s a summary of the more noticeable changes:

– The game includes a tutorial section: The initial levels of 80.08 explain directly the basic mechanics of the memory challenges. They also introduce you to the first version of The Beings.

– The Beings have more variation: In addition to new types of memory games, The Beings in the latter stages use a random process to select their difficulty and collection of puzzles. This means that, if you’re lucky, you could face a Being and defeat it very quickly (or if you are not so lucky, you might face the most difficult version of a particular challenge). The challenge usually stays balanced…but you never know! This random process also ensures that each time a Being is engaged, the challenge you face will be different.

– The documents of the story are more easily accessible (some additional ‘translating’ puzzles were added).

– The room’s computer was reconfigured to showcase the map and the stats you acquire in a direct manner.


– Near the end of the game you can unlock a stage that will give you some replay value besides the previously mentioned random process of The Beings.

Let us know if you encounter any issues with the update.

Best regards.

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