Evemnesis Update v1.3

After a peculiar couple of months, we finally completed v1.3 of Evemnesis. This update contains major changes that add more content and improve the overall performance of the application. Here’s the summary of the more relevant modifications:

  • The shader used for the grass in the first stage was completely replaced. The new shader drastically increases performance by generating individual blades of grass using a geometry shader and not relying  on cutout textures. The stage looks a little different but it keeps the same tone as the previous version.
  • The navigation in the largest area of the first stage was improved as well. There were instances when, for no apparent reason, the player wouldn’t be able to walk freely or completely miss a collision. With the new navigation system, those issues have been fixed. The terrain shader was also replaced to give the ground a better look and more color variation.


The game has a new User Interface. The new design was created to give the player more control and more information about the game. All of the story elements of the game are managed with the new interface. It is now more clear what tasks need to be done and the player can read previous interactions with the System (just in case a clue was missed). The interface also contains hints, establishes in-game achievements and stores the artifacts unlocked as the story progresses. The new User Interface is the biggest change in this version of Evemnesis and it will hopefully improve the user experience of the puzzles and storyline.



All of the stages were modified to improve overall performance (i.e. different materials, additional Level of Detail systems).

  • The game now includes several more puzzles linked to the Writing Artifact and the out-of-place objects in the world. The new challenges require the use of the Writing Artifact and the search for certain codes that can be unlocked during exploration. Don’t forget to look around for interesting places and objects!
  • The first stage has a set of new stars that look better during the darkest hours.
  • There’s a new ‘mini’ ending that can be unlocked after everything in the game has been completed.
  • New trailers! The main trailer was entirely remade and the second trailer was heavily modified to better showcase the changes of version 1.3 with more gameplay and the new User Interface in action, check them out!

Let us know if you find any issues with the update.

Best regards.

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